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20 years of insatiable passion for wedding photojournalism

Weddings are a rare moment in life, crystallising joy and happiness. A time of intimacy and communion, a time which has been prepared down to the finest detail and which passes by in an instant. With my camera, I mingle discretely to bear witness to these special moments, capturing attitudes, the inexpressable, gestures, looks and emotions. A passionate testimony to a peerless day, a commitment, a moment of love and sharing.

I am an artistic photographer. For many years I have been travelling to wedding ceremonies the world over, photographed over 500+ weddings all over the world since 20 years, capturing these special moments through my unique viewpoint as “photojournalist”. A far cry from standard poses and rigid portraits, my work conveys the decor, the charm, the dress, the atmosphere.... My camera captures the full intensity of the emotions.

Self-taught photographer, not bound by any convention, my work stands out not only for its originality, but also for its energy and strength; a strength deep and intense. Subtle lighting and almost tangible feelings between bride and groom, family and friends.....my photos tell a story, an incredibly intense story.

As a wedding photojournalist and humanist photographer, I cast the sensitivity of my look through my lens to capture the unexpected, an emotion in the eyes, an instant frozen by a random yet controlled coincidence. With discretion I let my lens focus on people around me, leaving the alchemy of the moment turn into an image.

20 years of insatiable passion for social documentary photography

My first shots were spontaneously directed towards social photography, the main subject being the homeless, the people on the streets… those who people pass, but don’t really look at. As the human condition of the most impoverished moved me in particular, I chose to orientate my work of photographer towards the difficult social realities in order to convey a personal story of the distress and exclusion.

In a modern world such as ours, in which society is subject to excessive consumption, the most destitute have been hidden away. Forgotten and marginalized by the system, they have seen the inequalities accentuated in a complete indifference and their future become even more fragile and precarious.

The wealth of some doubles as an unbearable paradox faced with the needy, the rejected, who struggle to survive and who have to solve the most vital equation in the daily lives: food.

And still today, children, families and adults live in this parallel world where living conditions resemble those of the Middle Ages: malnutrition, undernourishment and homelessness. With access to neither elementary hygiene nor medical care, their life expectancy is cut in half. Not to mention the refugees, stateless, living in confusion and uncertainty, entrenched in camps to flee wars or political regimes.

Throughout my pilgrimages I have encountered many looks and many faces, but above all many stories. Incredible, deeply moving stories, made up of distress and exclusion, pain and violence, desperation and sadness, abuse and abandonment, injuries and suffering.

Whether they are here or elsewhere, these men and women lead the same struggle: survival.

Because we cannot forget these encounters, these tangible emotions, these life stories, images pose their feelings to offer an irreplaceable story of these difficult realities. All this in a universal language. One which removes all language barriers and ideologies and reminds everyone of the humanity linking us to these men and women.

I try, by way of my work, to reflect a reality and to convey in a certain way, the voice that society hasn’t wanted to listen to over the years .

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© 2001-2021 Manuel Meszarovits. All rights reserved

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