Street children education Nepal at Shree Sita Balbikash Primary School in kathmandu. There are nearly 80,000 child laborers in Nepal. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Concern Nepal association, more than 1000 children have been admitted to schools. Most of the children, from underprivileged families doing seasonal work in brickyards or stone quarries, would spend more than 13 hours a day working and would have become street children. Photoreport from Shree Sita Bal Bikash Primary School in Kathmandu. Photo coverage for Concern Nepal, an NGO whose main activity is to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children in Nepal.

Concern for Children and Environment Nepal (CONCERN-Nepal) is a non-profit organization working for the protection and promotion of child rights and dedicated to eradicate child labor problem in Nepal since 1994. In line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, CONCERN-Nepal acts in the sector of child protection, rescuing vulnerable children from illegal work and supporting their education. CONCERN Nepal promotes four major principles of UNCRC; non discrimination, child survival/development, best interest of child and children’s rights to be heard.

Thanks to Bijaya Sainju and his assistants Vikash Dhungana and Sanu

CONCERN for Children and Environment - Nepal

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